Monday, December 7, 2009

Stamp Collecting

The starting point for many new collectors, is to ask family and friends to save stamps from their incoming mail. Although the stamps received by major businesses, and those kept by elderly relatives, may be of international and historical interest, the stamps received from family members are often of the definitive sort. Definitives seem mundane but, considering their variety of colours, watermarks, paper differences, perforations and printing errors, they can fill many pages in a collection. Introducing either variety or specific focus to a collection can require the purchasing of stamps, either from a dealer or online. Large numbers of relatively recent stamps, often still attached to fragments or envelopes, may be obtained cheaply and easily. Rare and old stamps can also be easily obtained from similar sources, with costs extending far beyond the means of all but a tiny minority of collectors.
Duplicate stamps are the stamps that a collector already has, and are therefore not required to fill a gap in a collection. Duplicate stamps can be sold or traded, so they are an important medium of exchange among collectors.
Many stamp dealers now sell their merchandise over the Internet, while others still have neighborhood stamp shops, which are one of the best resources for beginning and intermediate collectors. Some dealers also jointly set up week-end stamp markets called "Bourses" that move around a region from week to week. They also meet collectors at regional exhibitions and stamp shows.
[edit] Collecting specialties
A complete worldwide collection would be enormous, running to thousands of volumes, and incredibly expensive to acquire; many consider that Count Ferrary's collection at the beginning of the 20th century was the most complete ever formed. So many collectors limit their scope, such as to particular countries, time periods, depicted subjects (called "topicals") or types of stamps.
Some of the more popular collecting areas include:
Postage stamps - particular countries and/or time periods
Definitive stamps - the most common type of stamps
Commemorative stamps - stamps to commemorate events, anniversaries etc., on sale for a limited time. Commemorative stamps are available at a stamp dealer.
Pictorials - stamps printed with images of a country's scenery or lifestyle.
Revenue stamps - stamps issued to pay tax in small amounts. Some early stamps had Postage and Revenue printed on them, to indicate that they were acceptable for both uses.
Postal stationery - includes government-issued postal cards, aerograms, letter card, newspaper wrappers, envelopes etc. Interestingly, the earliest postal stationery predates the earliest stamps- the Kingdom of Sardinia issued the first postal letter sheets in 1819 while New South Wales issued the first postal stationery envelope in 1838.
Sheetlets - this is a format that is now issued regularly by postal administrations. Instead of issuing stamps in large sheets of 40 or more stamps, smaller sheetlets with 16 or 20 stamps are issued with a large selvage area which may incorporate part of the stamp design or theme.
Miniature sheet - is very similar to Souvenir sheet, it will be in a form of a sheetlet with a single or a number of stamps embedded in it.
Souvenir sheets - the many postal services sometimes release stamps in a format that look like a sheet with a big picture. Various parts of the picture can be torn out and used as postage stamps. See example with 10 stamps in one picture. (Souvenir sheets should be distinguished from souvenir cards, which are souvenirs of a philatelic meeting or exhibition but are not valid for postage.)
Corner blocks or plate blocks - compose a block of stamps from one of the four corners of the stamp sheet. Collectors usually opt for a block of four stamps, complete with the selvage area which will sometimes have the printing details on it.
Airmail stamps - stamps required for airmail, which was typically more expensive and had special postage rates.
Postage due stamps are special stamp applied by a post office to mail bearing insufficient postage. The stamps were issued in several denominations to make up different amounts due.
Federal Duck Stamps (stamps for duck hunting licenses, mainly U.S. with some other countries such as Canada and New Zealand)
First day covers - (FDCs) - envelopes with stamps attached and canceled on the first day that the stamp was issued. Most modern FDCs bear designs, called "cachets" related to the theme of the stamp issued.
PHQ Cards, these cards are pictorial postcards, issued by the British Post Office Royal Mail, each card shows an enlarged colour reproduction of a commemorative stamp.
First Day Ceremony Programs - these are folders or brochures given out to attendees of the First Day Ceremonies of postage stamps, with historical information on the stamp, a list of speakers, and an attached stamp, canceled on the First Day of Issue. Collectors of "FDCPs" generally prefer their programs autographed by those who spoke at the ceremony.
souvenir pages - with first day cancelled stamps on a page describing all design, printing and issuing details. This is similar to first day covers except that it is done on a printed sheet of paper instead of an envelope, and the specification of the stamp is printed by the official source. See picture of first souvenir page in the US.
Topical - many collectors choose to organize their philatelic collection on the theme of the stamps, covers, or postmarks. Popular topical themes are animals, dogs, cats, butterflies, birds, flowers, art, sports, Olympics, maps, Disney, scouting, space, ships, Americana (topics relating to the US), stamps on stamps, famous people, chess, Chinese new year, and many others.
Philatelic literature
Cinderellas - stamp-like labels that are not valid for postage
Government issued material associated with postage stamps (e.g., envelopes)
stamp-like labels
non-stamp items picturing actual postage stamps
non-stamp items picturing stamp-like labels
counterfeit/forged postage stamps (Before purchasing a rare and valuable stamp for which there is any doubt as to authenticity, it is always advisable to obtain an expert's certificate stating that the stamp is authentic. The most prominent stamp expertising organizations in the U.S. are the Philatelic Foundation and the American Philatelic Society.) There are several types of collectible faked postage stamps:
postal counterfeits are produced by criminals for fraudulent use as postage stamps; frequently, these are scarcer than the stamps which they were intended to represent in part because counterfeits are subject to government seizure and selling them may be illegal
forgeries of rare stamps
reprints are produced by government printing offices or private organizations using the plates used to produce the original stamps; stamp catalogues often contain information on how to distinguish reprints from the originals
faked stamps are common stamps which have been altered to resemble rare stamps; examples of such "fakery" include forged overprints, forged cancellations, chemical alterations of a stamp's color, added perforations.
postmarks or postal markings in general
stampless covers - not all postal markings are associated with postage stamps. Prior to the issuance of postage stamps, postmarks were applied to letters at the location where they entered the mails. The markings were either in manuscript or, at larger post offices, were made with handstamps. Many of these handstamps resemble those in use today (a circle containing the location and date of posting). Typically, the amount of postage was written in the upper right hand corner of the letter or package and the word "Paid" added to the amount if the postage was prepaid. However, a majority of letters and packages were sent without prepayment and the recipient was expected to pay the amount written on the letter or package.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Hungary Issued M/Sheet In Memoriam of Michael Jackson

This souvenir sheet was released in Hungary on a special day, Michael Jackson's birthday. It was designed by graphic artist Janos Girgasz using an artistic photograph by Eszter Gordon, and was printed by Allami Nyomda Nyrt.
The sheet shows a scene from the Budapest concert with Michael Jackson in the perforated section.
A total of 5,000 copies of the souvenir sheet were made in perforated and imperforated colour, and in perforated and imperforated black proof versions.
The souvenir sheet and souvenir sheet packages are available from Magyar Posta's Philately Centre.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

2009 Hong Kong - Brazil Football Joint Issue

Hongkong Post Issued a set of stamps based on the theme of "Football Hong Kong, China - Brazil Joint Issue". Football has long been recognised and accepted as a universal sport. It is a popular pastime for people from all walks of life in Hong Kong as well as a source of national pride and passion in Brazil. Therefore decided to capture the worldwide enthusiasm for soccer in a special stamp issue in collaboration with Brazil Post - the 10th event of this nature undertaken by Hongkong Post. Official first day covers priced at $1 each put on sale at all post offices while stamps and associated philatelic products will go on display at the General Post Office, Tsim Sha Tsui Post Office, Tsuen Wan Post Office and Sha Tin Central Post Office from the same day.
Hongkong Post has also produced a Prestige Gift Set featuring a 24K gold plated football mounted on a black wood base attached with stamps housed in a matted black box decorated with a gold foiled and embossed icon.With traditional elegance and modern design, the Prestige Gift Set is an ideal collection item for philately lovers and soccer fans. Information about this special stamp issue and associated philatelic products may be obtained from the website of Hongkong Post at (

Austria Issued M/Sheet on 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin is known for his position that he took on evolution. He believed that evolution occurred and that the evolutionary changes took place over millions of years. He also believed in a process called "natural selection" which is one of the current concepts of modern biology. His final theory about evolution is that all species came from a single life form. His beliefs in evolution contradicted many religious beliefs then, and still do today.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Beautifull Selection of Football Phonecards

Phonecard Collecting is a famouse hobby in theworld. Here is a beautifull selection of Football Allstar 2002 - recharge cards for mobile phone.The Company is Telkomsel - IndonesiaThe set of 4 cards was sponsored by Akar Daya Company and these sets were sold only in Surabaya (East Java).Each card was printed with 10,000 tirage. Date of issue was August 2002.

Monday, November 23, 2009

2009 USA Eid Greeting Stamps

In 2009 USPS issued a New 44c Stamps for Muslim's Eid Greetings. This Special stamp designed and calligraphed by Muhammad Zakariya from Arlington Virginia. First time this stamp issued in 2001 34c with same design, 37c in 2002, 39c in 2009, 41c in 2007 and 42c in 2008.
This is Special Holiday Stamp Series issued by Washington DC Postal Service. This stamp issued in a pane of 20 as Self -Adhesive formate.
These all information provide by Mr. James Davis a young Philatelist from Virginia University USA by E.Mail.

New 7 Wonders of the World on Gibraltar Stamps

The New Seven Wonders of the World is a project that attempts to revive the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World concept with a list of modern wonders.The origin of the idea of seven wonders of the world dates back to Herodotus (484 BC - 425 BC) and Callimachus (305 BC - 240 BC), who made lists which included the Great Pyramid of Giza, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Statue of Zeus at Olympia, Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, Mausoleum of Maussollos at Halicarnassus, Colossus of Rhodes and Lighthouse of Alexandria. Only the Great Pyramid of Giza is still standing. The other six were destroyed by earthquake, fire or other reasons. The 7 New Wonders are the Colosseum (Italy); Christ Redeemer statue (Brazil); the Great Wall of China; Petra (Jordan); Chichen Itza (Mexico); Machu Picchu (Peru) and the Taj Mahal in India.
The New 7 Wonders Foundation, which is behind the New 7 Wonders campaigns, has the express aim of undertaking documentation and conservation works of monuments worldwide under the motto:"OUR HERITAGE IS OUR FUTURE"New7Wonders calls on all citizens of the world to support itThrough film, television, the Internet and books, people shall be sensitized to the beauty of the world’s heritage, both man-made and natural, and be alerted of its destruction and decay. In artnership with the Official N7W, tthe Gibraltar Philatelic Bureau has issued a magnificent set of stamps and a Maxi Card Collection which features all of the New Seven Wonders of the World. This is a highly collectible item! (Thanks Gibraltar Post).

Boy Scouts on US Stamps in 2010

From Cub to Eagle, the world of scouting is being honored with its own U.S. postage stamp.
The stamp design, unveiled Thursday at the Smithsonian's National Postal Museum, depicts a backpacking boy scout surveying the landscape.
The stamp will be released next summer marking the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Boy Scouts. The Girl Scouts were founded a few years later.
"We are grateful to the USPS for commemorating scouting's contributions to our nation for the past 100 years," said Bob Mazzuca, chief scout executive, Boy Scouts of America.
The new Celebrate Scouting stamps will go on sale nationwide and will be dedicated in July 2010 at the Boy Scout Jamboree at Ft. A.P. Hill, Va. Previously the Boy Scouts have been honored with a 3-cent stamp issued in 1950, a 4-cent stamp in 1960 and a 22-cent stamp in 1985. The Girl Scouts have been honored on a 4-cent stamp in 1962 and a 22-cent stamp in 1987. A 32-cent Celebrate the Century stamp in 1998 jointly honored both boy and girl scouts.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

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GB Olympic and Paralympic Games 2012 Stamps

The London 2012 Games commences on 27 July and concludes on 12 August. The Paralympic Games commences on 29 August and concludes on 9 September.The Olympic Games comprises 26 different sporting disciplines, such as Cycling. Cycling includes several different events where medals are won – including road racing, various time trials and velodrome races as well as mountain biking events and BMX. Many gold medals can be won in different events, and all will be symbolised by one Cycling stamp symbolising the sport of Cycling.
The Paralympic Games features 21 sports, such as Judo (which is also competed in the Olympic Games), as well as Paralympic specific events such as Goalball.
In all, 29 different sports are played at the Olympics and Paralympics.
The Olympic Games comprises 26 different sporting disciplines, such as Cycling. Cycling includes several different events where medals are won – including road racing, various time trials and velodrome races as well as mountain biking events and BMX. Many gold medals can be won in different events, and all will be symbolised by one Cycling stamp symbolising the sport of Cycling.The Paralympic Games features 21 sports, such as Judo (which is also competed in the Olympic Games), as well as Paralympic specific events such as Goalball.
In all, 29 different sports are played at the Olympics and Paralympics.

National Philatelic Exhibition Karachi Pakistan Closed Today

A three day National Philatelic Exhibition held at Karachi Expo Center from 20 - 22 November 2009 organised by Stamp Society of Karachi under the uspices of Philatelic Federation of Pakistan. In this Exhibition stamp collectors all over the country participate. More details uploaded soon as received.